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What can the Altro Smart app do? The key features at a glance

Have you recently installed a Altro Smart Lock at home and want to know how to turn your smartphone into a smart key? Or have you been using a Smart Lock for a long time and just want to try out new functions?
The free Altro Smart App offers you numerous options for granting personalised access to your own four walls. In this blog post, we explain all the things the Nuki app can do!

The Altro Smart App is available for both iOS and Android. If you have not yet installed the Altro Smart app on your smartphone, you can easily download it for free from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store

Functionality and structure of the Altro Smart app

When you open the app, an overview of your available Nuki products will appear. Here you can use all Nuki products that are authorised for you (e.g. swiping to lock and unlock the door) and manage them.

Our tip for users who have the app connected to several Smart Locks: Tap on a specific Smart Lock in the Nuki app and open the lock settings. You can then mark your Smart Lock as a favourite! This is particularly useful if you have access permissions for several Smart Locks. Because the ‘favourites‘ view gives you quick access to all the devices you use every day.

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